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I Know You're Out There.


Guys like me. Str8 gay guys, gay guys who are guys who want guys who are guys. Some BS at times but always on the look-out for erotic adventures, be they fiction, fantasy or fact. We're out there in the urban jungles leading the gay solo life, or partnered in suburbia, sometimes with kids. We're auto mechanics, teachers, lawyers, clerks, jocks and beer guzzlers.  Some of us still have one foot in the closet for whatever professional or personal reasons. Then there are those of us who've kicked the door off its hinges and don't care what people think because we're confident in our masculinity and feel that what it is to be a gay man has a lot to do with what's upstairs in our heads, erotic or otherwise.

Sure, gay an be adventurous but because we haven't got a script like straights, it can also be a challenge and a potentially dangerous unknown. That's why I think it's time us guys had something to guide us and talk about what we want and think without all the fluff, glitter and gloss that the media and even our own sub-culture peddles.

I've lived and played in New York City, L.A., and South Florida, hotbeds of gaydom, and traveled throughout most of the U.S. as well as abroad,  and what I try to do in my daily blog, Confessions of a Str8 Gay Man at , and in my works of erotic gay fiction and social commentary is to talk and write about our kind of lives and our kind of men and the invariably rough bumps all of us in The Life will encounter soon, if not later. 

A gay fantasy with walks on the beach my stuff ain't. But if you like it rough, erotic and real, then I'm your man.  


RP Andrews



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